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Gowalla ⇒ Facebook


Big news, at least in my corner of the universe: Facebook has acquired Gowalla, the company that I co-founded. I’ll be moving to San Francisco and joining Facebook by the end of the year.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but Facebook has always been a friend of the company, so joining their team is a natural move. I’m incredibly excited to work alongside folks that have already changed the world pretty profoundly, and who have an even bigger vision for the future.

I’m grateful to everyone who has supported our company these past four years. Friends and family have been endlessly encouraging and enthusiastic. Investors, partners, advisors, press, and fellow startup folks—all have taught me an immense amount about how to build a company, a product, a community, and a business. I’m also grateful to our competitors, who never allowed us to take anything for granted, and who taught me a lot about which things truly matter. And of course, our millions of users—who jumped in and turned our code and pixels into something useful and delightful.

Most of all, I’m proud to have worked with the talented and caring group of co-workers at Gowalla. I’ve learned, grown and benefitted tremendously just from being in the same room as these people.

It’s a bit hard to believe we’ll be packing up our family and moving West this month (!), but I’m energized by the thought of exploring a new city, and sinking my teeth into some new challenges.